Hot tub

The Hot Tub is situated on the terrace next to the smaller car park, maybe used by adult guests between the hours of 4 pm and8 pm. Children under sixteenare not allowed in the hot tub. Thetub is periodically unavailable for short periods due to routine maintenance.   A natural product is used to sanitise the water which minimises the use of chlorine.

When you are here you will need to book hot tub sessions. I will then make sure the tub can be  ready for you. The hot tub is available only if pre-booked. An instruction session is usually held on Fridays at 6pm. Please attend this session if you are thinking of using the hot tub. An alternative session can be arranged if you can't attend on Friday. Please ask as soon as possible.

If  you have one of the following medical conditions you should seek your doctor's advice before using the hot tub – high or low blood pressure, heart disease, circulation disorders, diabetes, pregnancy.   It is used on the understanding that the user takes full responsibility for his or her own safety and well-being.